ApexCO is the ultimate Classic Conquer Online experience!

We want to return to the times before Conquer Online was ruined with TQs new patches. As part of this we promise the following features.

  • Exciting cross-server wars 
  • Max Level 137 
  • Max +9 
  • First and Second Rebirth 
  • PVP and PVE events every 30 minutes 
  • NO Pay2Win - Mall contains convenience items only 
  • Dedicated staff to provide ongoing updates 
  • Guild war, Moonbox, Blue Mouse and other classic quests! 
  • NO Fan/Tower/Mounts 
  • NO Ninja/Monk/Pirate Classes 
  • NO Pay2Win Donations 
  • NO Lottery 
  • NO Bots/Hacks 
Feb 25th Patch

  • PegasusClub soul added.
  • VIPCodex item removed: Use the in-game button to access features.
  • Corrected issue with tug of war and berserk war not running in event schedule.
  • Warrior shield proficiency damage reduction loses 1% effectiveness per 6% tort gems.
  • Bow proficiency can bypass up to 8% dodge.
  • Intensify dodge reduction raised by 10%.
Feb 14th Patch

  • Valentines day event runs Feb 14th-20th.
  • Find LoveLetters from monsters, competing in ladder tournaments or from DemonBoxes.
  • Read LoveLetters to receive Flowers, Exp, VIP, + stones or garments!
  • Trade Flowers to your beloved to receive a random holiday weapon skin.
  • Squama rewards increased. Re-skinned to look like hearts until Feb 20th.
  • Adjusted effect of CupidSuit: Re-added to VIPGarmentBoxes.
January 28th Patch

  • Tug of War added to hourly event rotation.
  • Berserker War added to hourly event rotation.
  • Added 3 new Weapon Souls
  • Added new VIP garment.
  • Fixed numerous un-used weapon souls not displaying correctly.
  • Multiple minor bug fixes
January 12th Patch

  • Monthly duel leaderboards have been re-added with rewards.
  • New PVP event - Berserker War added for testing.
  • TugOfWar PVP event re added for testing with changes.
  • City Holiday decorations removed.
  • Dueling bots re-added (will remain on 24/7 now).
December 8th Patch

  • Added a new VIP garments.
  • Added 3 new Weapon Souls.
  • During December players may decorate major cities with ChristmasTrees and Wreaths.
  • Demonboxes may rarely give trees and wreaths.
  • Winning ladder tournaments now gives a tree or a wreath.
  • Fixed an issue with EssenseOfWater garment's effect not showing.