ApexCO is the ultimate Classic Conquer Online experience!

We want to return to the times before Conquer Online was ruined with TQs new patches. As part of this we promise the following features.

  • Exciting cross-server wars 
  • Max Level 137 
  • Max +9 
  • First and Second Rebirth 
  • PVP and PVE events every 30 minutes 
  • NO Pay2Win - Mall contains convenience items only 
  • Dedicated staff to provide ongoing updates 
  • Guild war, Moonbox, Blue Mouse and other classic quests! 
  • NO Fan/Tower/Mounts 
  • NO Ninja/Monk/Pirate Classes 
  • NO Pay2Win Donations 
  • NO Lottery 
  • NO Bots/Hacks 
July 21st Patch

  • Corrected issue with CloudSaint jar not allowing Trojans/Waters/Warriors to complete the quest.
  • BlackCatSuit and WhiteCatSuit added to VIPGarmentBox rewards
  • Added 2 new bow souls: BowOfDarkness and KittyCatBow
  • Added 2 new club souls: WhitePawClub and BlackPawClub
  • Added new shield soul: KittyCatShield
  • Added new backsword soul: JeweledBacksword
  • Added new blade soul: PawBlade
July 8th Patch

  • DemonBox rewards increased.
  • 10 AM timeslot for City War changed to 12PM
  • Monster Hunter quests can randomly grant 1 hour VIP time.
  • CloudSaint jar now grants 2 hours VIP time when finished.
  • Warrior, Trojan and Water now only require 2k KOs for CloudSaint Jars.
  • Can now bring your team to your home.
  • Vote Rewards NPC removed from Twin City
  • Celestial Stone NPC has less pages of dialog.
July 7th Patch

Summer Sale Is Here!

For the remainder of July, donators will receive VIPGarmentBoxes as part of their donation rewards!
When opening one of these boxes you will receive a random VIPGarment including ones from last winter. A full list of possible rewards is available here.

June 21st Patch

  • Jail and PK Arena now function as "Leech" maps. Successfully hitting with FB/SS will restore the used stamina.
  • Superman respawn in city war increased to 2 minutes (from 30 seconds)
  • Coward timer added to ElitePK. Running from the fight will warn you and then begin draining points.
  • Vote dialog is corrected to reflect the system being removed
  • Infection event will now start properly with less than 8 players
  • Duel rankings will no longer incorrectly show as emoticons
  • TerattoDragon and ThrillingSpook now take proper damage from attacks
  • ThrillingSpook now has a chance to drop demon boxes
  • Hitting a blue+red named player will no longer cause you to go blue.
June 15th Patch

  • Hell/Heaven Suit has been added as the new donation reward garment
  • A Treasure chest will spawn every 10 minutes inside City war (dropping 4x +1 stones when killed)
  • 4x 20 second superman buffs have been added in City War
  • Owned cities will now show on the mini map inside City War with a rough estimate of their HP
  • Points will drain when you lose control of a city in City War.
  • Players will now deal damage to ThrillingSpook and TeratoDragon based on the type of damage dealt (will be boosted by stigma)
  • Health of ThrillingSpook/TeratoDragon have been updated
  • ThrillingSpook's lightning strike will now sometimes target the furthest player away from the boss.
  • Fixed some graphics issues with the skills used by TeratoDragon
  • Tug of War: Disabled
  • FreezeWar/TDM/Infection: Will only start with 3-4 teams if there are at least 8 players in the event.
  • Pass the Bomb: Hitting someone holding the bomb will no longer make it count down faster
  • Pass the Bomb: Passing the bomb to your enemies with less than 5 seconds remaining will set the timer to 5 seconds (no instant knockouts)
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