ApexCO is the ultimate Classic Conquer Online experience!

We want to return to the times before Conquer Online was ruined with TQs new patches. As part of this we promise the following features.

  • Max Level 140 
  • Max +9 
  • First and Second Rebirth 
  • PVP and PVE events every 30 minutes 
  • Huge cooperative Castle Defense events 
  • Exciting raid bosses 
  • NO Pay2Win - Mall contains convenience items only 
  • Dedicated staff to provide ongoing updates 
  • Guild war, Moonbox, Blue Mouse and other classic quests! 
  • NO Fan/Tower/Mounts 
  • NO Ninja/Monk/Pirate Classes 
  • NO Pay2Win Donations 
  • NO Lottery 
  • NO Bots/Hacks 
July 25th Patch

  • Added 4 new VIP garments
  • Added 5 new Weapon Souls
  • Increased HP of early waves in castle Defense
  • Increased HP of gate/pole in castle Defense
  • Fixed issue with renaming characters clearing old nobility rank.
  • Fixed issues with signing up for spouse ladder and then re-marrying.
  • Added unlimited stamina ladder tournament
  • Testing new Ladder Invite prompts.
July 18th Patch

  • TeamLadder added to event rotation.
    • Team colors used to easily tell which team players are on.
    • Cannot revive members fo the enemy team.
  • Football Tournament V2 added for testing.
    • Ball shows its location on map properly.
    • Cannot chain freeze players anymore.
    • Stamina is filled at the start of each round.
  • Spook poison damage and attack speed increased by ~10%.
  • Fixed guild war 'Dominating' message.
  • Spouse Ladder correctly rewards +3 stone again.
  • Ladder EXP raised significantly.
July 3rd Patch

  • Nobility board has been updated to support all ranks.
  • Test fix for some deputies not getting halo after GW.
  • Bosses can no longer be attacked by pets.
  • Bosses can no longer be effected by poison.
  • Bosses can no longer be healed by players.
  • Demonboxes will no longer fail to open if standing ontop of monsters.
  • /toggletrade command added to block trade requests.
  • VIP drops now glow on the ground.
  • Whisper/service chat messages are now forwarded to my phone.
July 1st Patch

  • Voting for the server now rewards 2 hours VIP.
  • TeratoDragon now spawns at TCAlter every Sunday at 18:00. Drops +3-4-5 stone.
  • EXP and CP earned in CastleDefense raised ~50%.
  • ShakeMonster and HumanMessenger in CastleDefense now drop +1 stones when killed.
  • Saturday CastleDefense changed to 1 PM (was 12PM).
  • Bomb war has been updated.
  • Fixed issue with CPRaffle draw time (6PM server time instead of UTC timezone).
  • CPRaffle now lists winners when drawn.
  • Tornado cast speed adjusted (fixed double cooldown issue).
  • Archer damage increased slightly.
  • Warrior Crush Armor Debuf raised to 8% per stack (was 6%)
  • Warrior Arrow Block chance raised.
  • Spook drops items to inventory randomly as they should.
  • FB FFA is now a 5 hit elimination game.
  • Team FB event added for testing.
June 25th Patch

  • Guild war Halos no longer removed on death.
  • Superman deals 2x damage versus Spook down from 10x.
  • Spook now takes 0.5% total damage down from 1.0% total damage.
  • Spook now gives exp reward to team leader as well as members.
  • Spook item rewards go to random team members (direct to inventory).
  • CPRaffle npc total tickets purchased text corrected.