ApexCO is the ultimate Classic Conquer Online experience!

We want to return to the times before Conquer Online was ruined with TQs new patches. As part of this we promise the following features.

  • Exciting cross-server wars 
  • Max Level 137 
  • Max +9 
  • First and Second Rebirth 
  • PVP and PVE events every 30 minutes 
  • NO Pay2Win - Mall contains convenience items only 
  • Dedicated staff to provide ongoing updates 
  • Guild war, Moonbox, Blue Mouse and other classic quests! 
  • NO Fan/Tower/Mounts 
  • NO Ninja/Monk/Pirate Classes 
  • NO Pay2Win Donations 
  • NO Lottery 
  • NO Bots/Hacks 
December 8th Patch

  • Added a new VIP garments.
  • Added 3 new Weapon Souls.
  • During December players may decorate major cities with ChristmasTrees and Wreaths.
  • Demonboxes may rarely give trees and wreaths.
  • Winning ladder tournaments now gives a tree or a wreath.
  • Fixed an issue with EssenseOfWater garment's effect not showing.
November 6th Patch

  • Added two new VIP garments.
  • Donations can now reward VIP soul boxes.
  • Fixed issue with guild war time message.
  • Team Ladder Tournament Re-added for testing.
  • Soccer Ladder Tournament improved based on player fedback.
October 12th Patch

  • TrickstersBlade cosmetic weapon added.
  • VIP Garment box rewards changed! Full details available here.
  • 2 new VIP Garments added.
  • Halloween Event Started: Find candy from monsters to receive random rewards.
  • Gear Ladder Tournament Added to event rotation.
  • Deathmatch Duel added to market dueling NPC.
  • Spouse Ladder added for testing.
September 12th Patch

  • VIP Garment box rewards changed! Full details available here.
  • 4 new VIP Garments added.
  • 3 new Weapon Skins added.
  • Fixed issue with inviting players to your home (must be in team).
  • Warrior Dash Damage lowered to 100% from 110%..
  • Warrior Dash 'Crush' Effect Increased to 7% from 5%.
  • Fastblade, ScentSword and ViperFang Damage Increased to 110% from 100%.
August 29th Patch

  • Ranked Duel leaderboard will reset on the 1st of each month.
  • Top10 ranks will receive free DemonBoxes based on their rank (1-5 boxes).
  • Guilds may delete long inactive members by speaking to the guild manager.
  • Removed guild entries for permanently banned accounts.
  • HWID banning added to permanently block certain users.